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Clairton Sportsmen's Club


May 27, 2018 Shoot

skeeters skeeters everywhere...

8 shooters showed up which was more than I expected for the Memoral day weekend but glad to see all that showed up.

First place winner of the hillside was Scotty with 92 points, second place was Ray with 89 points, third place was Robert with 89 points, fourth place was Mike K with 73 points, fifth place was John with 68 points and sixth place was DAN with 61 points.

After the awards was passed out we had a raffle that Robert won.

After that we headed to 25yd ( 50/50) meat shoot which we gave out three meat prizes winners of that match was Dan, Al and John.

I hope all had good time and hope to see ya all next month.

I want to thank Robert for the meat prizes, he was camping out yesterday in Ohio and drove in this morning.



June 24, 2018

Photos of Awards for Top Shooters 2017

Sure hopin' you guys had some fun this weekend!
Y'all come back now, y'hear!