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Clairton Sportsmen's Club


January 28, 2018 Shoot

it was another nice day for shooting, 14 shooters showed up for the festivites winners for the hillside goes like this Ray took first place with 99 points, George took second with 93 points, third place winner was Dan with 85 points, fourth place went to John with 83 points, fifth place went to Kurt with 77 points, sixth place winner was ole buddy Hank with 76 points. after lunch and the award for the gorget which was George Haskins with 742 point for the year of 2017, Ray got an honorable mention for an all time high score of 937,he also made all 11 shoots last year!(good shooting fellas) the 25yd meat shoot followed with 13 shooters George won first at that too with Hank taking second, a close call between Mroz but Hank pulled that out. we had two new shooters Dennis and Mike Wolff sorry Dennis i didn't catch your last name, sorry. i want too thank that showed up and those who helped, see ya all next month........yip

Sure hopin' you guys had some fun this weekend!

Y'all come back now, y'hear!


February 25, 2018