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Clairton Sportsmen's Club


March 25, 2018 Shoot

what a cold day, i saw a chicken with a capon. 15 shooters arrived at the shoot and cold weather couldn't stop these fellas from a good time. the first place winner of the hillside was Ray with 116 points, this guy only missed two targets! second place was Joe with 97 points third place was Scotty G from West Virgina with 94 point sorry i didn't get your last name, fourth place was John with 92 points, fifth place went to Kirk with 86 points, sixth went to George .with 84 points. hope i didn't screw the pooch. then we broke for lunch and awards, we had a raffle of steaks and it was won by Scott. we then headed for the 25yd phase, 12 shooters competed in it with some mighty good shots,Kirk won first, with a shoot off for second between John and Ray with Ray winning i hope all had fun,hope to see ya all next month................yip

Sure hopin' you guys had some fun this weekend!

Y'all come back now, y'hear!


April 22, 2018